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Zhejiang Xizi United Engineering Co., Ltd is a subsidiary of Xizi UHC, and the company is mainly engaged in power, mechanical and civil project designs and project contracting business.


With the registered capital of 50 million RMB, the company is jointly established by Xizi UHC, Hangzhou Boiler Group and Jiangxi Power Design Institute. At present, the company possesses 150 employees, including 5 professorship senior engineers, 15 senior engineers, 35 engineers and 50 junior engineers. The company is devided into seven departments including planning commercial department, engineering department, procurement department and design department. The company’s main business scope covers design and EPC contracting for domestic and overseas thermal power project, waste heat generation project, steam and gas combined cycle project, refuse generation project, biomass power generation project and coal gangue generation project. Taking the comprehensive advantage of Xizi Group, the company has made positively expansions to the mechanical and civil industries, and meanwhile through Xizi Financial Company, the company is capable of making finaning scheme , effectively exploring financing channels, and seeking for project operation in BOT and other modes for customer.


Xizi engineering company inherits excellent corporate culture and management philosophy of Xizi UHC which is “Cooperation is more important than competition”, and has made extensive cooperation with domestic and overseas organizations such as Austria AE and Zhejiang University.


Humanized management and environment with a philosophy of “Harmonious work, study and life” provids a platform to the company talent team, and vigorous and prosperous future to the company’s development.



Chairman: Jinwen Dai

President: Jian Chen

Company Add.:  3# Xizi United Building, No. 2 Jiuhua Road, Jiubao Town Hangzhou, China 
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