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Enterprise spirit: Unity, struggle and try to be the first
  ——Unity: The unity and friendship can satisfy the people’s will and the joint effort can create a career. The unity and harmony can increase the enterprise cohesiveness, and the spirit of joint effort can increase the enterprise centripetal force.
——Struggle: Struggle for life and work hard for great career. The assiduous learning and hard working spirit can increase the enterprise battle effectiveness; the struggle and competitive awareness can increase the market fighting force; and the joint contribution can realize the enterprise development.
——Try to be the first: Make management creations and try to be the first for scientific development. Keep on working duties and pursue stable development. Follow the working hard and brave exploration spirit. Perform real service and seek practical result. Take enterprising spirit and bravery for reform. Build up confidence and try to be the first.
Enterprise essence:  Taking the people as the root and make harmonious development. Make creations and explore the market. Make continuous improvement and increase the team ability. Make joint effort for Hangzhou Boiler constructions.
Core value view: Blend individual pursuance into the enterprise development
  ——Advocate factory-loving spirit and connect the individual fate with the enterprise future.
——Advocate keeping on working duty spirit and make a good individual work.
——Advocate learning and creation spirit; make more learning and handle more affairs.
——Advocate difficulty overcoming spirit.
——Advocate law –observation and self-discipline spirit and overcome the individual randomness.
——Advocate unity and cooperation spirit; provide the convenience for others and overcome the self difficulties
——Advocate hard working and thrifty spirit and avoid various wastes.
——Make effort to build up an intelligent, modest, friendly, honest and optimistic enterprise image.
Company dicta: Safety: The strict management can ensure the enterprise safety and the loose management may cause accident occurrence.
The personal safety ensures family happiness.
Value: The excellent engineering technical personnel and management personnel are the talent of the enterprise.
The excellent technical work is also the talent of the enterprise.
Operation: We will make effort to create customer required product.
Credo: Your demand is out forever pursuance.
Quality: Quality is t he enterprise life.
Quality credit is the personality and moral quality.
Quality reflects enterprise diathesis.
Matter handling: Fair and justice
Make effort for keeping on duties
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